About Me

Parker_2Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Rebecca Zimmerman.  I have a love for God, my family and friends, my church family, furniture, design, DIY, home decor, fabric, patterns, and all things of the sort.  My career before having children was in biomedical engineering, but I had a strong desire to stay home with my children, daughter (8) and son (3).  So, after my son was born I stopped working.  As human nature goes, I was still not quite content.  I began wanting just a little something more, something that was for me.  I decided to follow my passion and share some of my love for DIY and design with others.  I will constantly strive in my blog to provide content that will help you decorate your home in a cost effective manner.  I hope that I can share something that will inspire you!  

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2 responses to “About Me

  1. I used your vintage airplane printables- reformatted the files to print easy (2 per page) for black frames and mats I found at dollar tree! Let me know if you’d like a pic of finished project! Thanks for sharing.


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