Free Printable Bird Art

Free Printable Bird Art Gallery Wall_1

I have to admit, I’m having trouble coming up with stuff to write about these printables.  I’ve been putting together a ton of printables for my site.  One reason is because I’ve been on a DIY stand still, and the other is because I’m still somewhat recovering from surgery, so I’m sitting a lot.  Finding groups of art to put together has really given me something enjoyable to do while I sit around.  The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, so hopefully over the next couple of months we’ll be doing some more DIY projects to blog about, but until then, here’s another set of printables:).

Like I’ve done for all of the other printables, these are formatted to be printed on letter or ledger size paper.  These images are from the Biodiversity Heritage Library site.  These images are from birds of Australia, Melbourne C. Stuart & company.  I have color-corrected them using Photoscape and resized them with Powerpoint.  The powerpoint files (below) are ready to be printed on your computer or sent to your local printer (Staple’s, Kinko’s, OfficeMax, etc.).  The 8″ x 10″ files should be printed on letter paper, and the 11″ x 14″ images should be printed on ledger size paper.  The 16″ x 20″ images will need to be printed as a poster.  I’ve included the jpeg files for you also, in case you want to do something else with the images.  Enjoy!  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Jpeg Files for Bird Printables

8″ x 10″ Powerpoint Files to be printed on Letter Size paper

Birds of Australia_1      Birds of Australia_2      Birds of Australia_4      Birds of Australia_5      Birds of Australia_7      Birds of Australia_11      Birds of Australia_12     Birds of Australia_13

11″ x 14″ Powerpoint Files to be printed on Ledger Size paper

Birds of Australia_1 11×14      Birds of Australia_2 11×14      Birds of Australia_4 11×14      Birds of Australia_5 11×14      Birds of Australia_7 11×14 Birds of Australia_11 11×14      Birds of Australia_12 11×14      Birds of Australia_13 11×14



2 responses to “Free Printable Bird Art

  1. Love your prints! I’ve tried to open your Powerpoints to download but the image doesn’t display. Just a note saying that image cannot be displayed… Any advice?


    • I wonder if it might be the version of Powerpoint isn’t compatible? They open on my computer, but if you have a different version they may not. If you click on the images you can save the jpeg version of the art and then put it into Powerpoint, or you can print it from a Jpeg. The only reason I put it into Powerpoint was to get it into a program that I could size it and print easily with. Especially if you wanted to print them at a copy center, they would probably prefer the Jpeg file and they can probably make sure the sizing is correct for you. They’ll usually show me the screen before printing to make sure it looks correct. I’m sorry about that:(.


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